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About Me

Hi there! My name is Sam Lambert. I am a skilled WordPress consultant.

I can design WordPress themes and plugins from scratch. I build Ecommerce stores, and/or I can help move your content and databases to the world's popular Content Management System. If your site is constantly being attacked by annoying hackers, you will love my affordable WordPress security and maintenance services. Find out how I can be of help by hitting the button below.

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about me

Key WordPress Features

Discover a few of the essential features which have made WordPress the most popular CMS in the world.


Get your content on the Internet fast, without having to deal with complicated options and features.


Use WordPress to create a wide variety of sites for business, online magazines and communities, etc.


The CMS has lots of built-in modules; if you need custom features you can use one of its many plug-ins.

WordPress Articles

Guides and reviews that help people find solutions to pressing WordPress-related problems.

toolsTop Three WordPress Tools

If you have a WordPress site or you want to build a new one (hint: hire a professional ;) I am sure that you are going to love these free WordPress tools.

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wordpress securityHow to Secure Your WordPress Site

Are you sure that your website is 100% safe? Read this article to discover what you can do to improve the security of your site and put an end to hacker attacks.

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stop spamHow to Stop Contact Form Spam

If you have a website, you are probably getting several spammy messages through its contact form every day. It is a very frustrating issue, because it makes you waste a lot of time.

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WordPress News

Discover the most recent developments in the WordPress world.

version checksPHP and WordPress Version Checks Coming to Themes

Server and local WP installation checks will prevent users from installing and activating themes that are incompatible with current versions of PHP and/or WordPress. A similar feature that addressed plugin issues was rolled out in WP 5.5.

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wpOne million WordPress Sites Targeted by Hackers

A threat actor has inserted a backdoor into WP sites, redirecting visitors to malvertising. The cross-site scripting attack has been performed using a pool of over 24,000 unique I.P. addresses, and the Newspaper theme is one of the main targets.

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